LVL Lashes – The Lash Game Changer

This year I discovered something that has seriously changed the eye lash game .. LVL Lashes.

Over the years I have dyed my lashes at home, had individual extensions, heated eyelash curlers, expensive eyelash curlers and in my teens I was known to go through a box of stick on eyelashes in a week…you know the cheap ones that used to stay 100% stuck whilst you were at home and then as soon as you left the house, one corner would almost instantly stick out and spend the rest of the night flapping around until I would eventually pull them off and find them 3 weeks later at the bottom of my clutch.

I loved having my individual eyelash extensions, they made my lashes look like Bambi and made my morning make up routine a hell of a lot quicker, however the maintenance on them started to cause me constant stress. They say that they can last for around 2-3 weeks before they need to be infilled, however I am someone who cannot leave my face alone; if I have a spot, I will pick it and pick it and I love being able to rub my eyes and really clean my face. This made having eyelash extensions difficult for me, they recommend no oil based products to go near your eyes, so if you are wearing eyeliner or eye shadow, you have to delicately clean around your eyelashes and so this makes the ‘super clean face’ feeling quite difficult to achieve. Therefore after around 2 1/2 weeks I would notice that my lashes would start to look out of place, some nearly upside down, at times some fell out and I started to worry that my own lashes were coming out as well.  After having them on for nearly 9 months I decided to get them removed, my eyes felt naked without them and I could definitely see some lash damage. I love the look these lashes achieve and I would definitely have them if I was getting married or had a big event as they photo fantastically, but I think it is good to force yourself to have breaks in-between to keep the strength up of your natural lashes.


Lash Diary: Individual eyelash extensions

I have quite long lashes but they are dead straight, curling mascaras do a great job but they do not last very long and lose their curl very quickly. After letting my natural lashes grow back, at Easter this year I was heading to Malaysia and Thailand for 3 weeks and so wanted to have something that would mean I could have minimal make up in the 38+ heat! (even Urban Decay All Nighter struggles in this heat!) My local salon were advertising LVL and after doing some research online and google image searching ‘Before & After’ photos, I booked myself in for an appointment.

LVL  (Length-Volume-Life) is a perming treatment for your lashes, it can last up to 2 months and needs no maintenance so great for someone who is interested but doesn’t want to get stuck into cycle of infills that you get with individual extensions. The salon I go to is called Salon No.5 and they charge around £50 for the treatment which also requires a patch test 48 hours before.

The beautician starts by cleaning your lashes and putting a shield over your lower lashes to protect them from any transferring product. You then choose which silicone shield you would like them to use; there are 3 options. I went for the smallest shield which gives the most dramatic lift (I need all the lift I can get!), then using the serum they gently pull each individual lash up onto the shield.  They then put a perming lotion onto your lashes and leave you for around 10 minutes, then they apply a neutraliser and finally the tint to darken the lashes. In total the treatment takes around 50 minutes.

When they took the shields off and I sat up to look into the mirror, I was completely gobsmacked; I did not believe that what I was seeing was my own natural lashes as they looked almost the same as when I had extensions on, and because of the tint they look as though you are wearing a jet black mascara all the time.


Lash Diary – Before LVL


Lash Diary – After LVL

Mine seem to last around 6-8 weeks, and I have had lots of compliments from people who are shocked to learn that they are my own lashes without any extra product on. Sometimes if I am going out at night I can put a little bit more mascara on for an added ‘WOW’ look and the great thing about this treatment is that you can keep to your same daily skincare routine so you do not need to worry about taking make up off at night.

I am well and truly converted to LVL lashes.  I have banished my eye curlers to the back of my make up case and said goodbye to false eyelashes. LVL is a great treatment for everyone as you do not need to have the most dramatic shield and so it can just lift your eyelashes to their full potential…I have got my mum onto these as well! They are perfect for a holiday as you can wake up in the morning, with awake eyes, even if you may be hungover (guilty!) and no one will know the difference!


Lash Diary – 1 Week After LVL (No Mascara!)


For more information on LVL and to find your local salon –

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  1. j ballard
    September 18, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    LVL are a real game changer for holidays, even on my short lashes!

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