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I recently picked this beauty up from my local Cambridge Space NK and so thought I would review, this is their Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash. This is one of the newest products from NUDE skincare who have some of the cult favourites like the Pro Genius Omega Treatment Oil, Cleanse Nourishing oil and the Perfect Cleanse Omega Jelly.

This is a bit of a pricey item be warned! Around £40 but after reading great raving reviews I just had to try as my skin has been feeling very tired and lackluster lately. The ‘Fizzy’ wash is a no-abrasive wash that promises to leave you with glowing skin.

When I opened the packaging, it looked like a pot of a combined bath salt / talc powder, at first I wasn’t sure what to think, I was terrified of leaving it on the side in case I dropped the v.expensive powder everywhere! The powder, which you only need a small amount of, fizzes into a paste when it comes into contact with water and you can almost hear the fizzing action happening! Childish but very enjoyable!


powder before adding water



turns to a paste when mixed with a small amount of water

The product uses enzymes to get rid of dead skin on the surface on the skin without being too hard on your face. When I first used the product, I had just come back from holiday in Spain and had lots of spots from wearing lots of sun cream (one of the them was a real beast!) when i put the paste on my face, there is gentle fizzing feeling and slight exfoliation and it instantly felt like exactly what my skin need – just a bit of a re-fresh without being really harsh and taking off a full layer of my skin. After cleaning my face with a muslin cloth I could instantly see that my spots seemed slightly less red and that my pores and general appearance of my face just looked brighter and really clean, it also didn’t leave the face feeling too tight or dry which some other products do.

The Fizzy Wash is a quick way to give your skin a boost and kick that it might need after working late or partying too hard, leaving the skin perfectly clean and prepping the face before applying your moisturiser and base products. They also do a gentle version of the wash which would be better for someone who has sensitive skin and wants to try this product for the first time.
It is a bit of treat but I can imagine it lasting me a long time as I would recommend only using it maximum of 2/3 times a week  and it is good to spoil your skin from time to time!


Here is a link to where you can purchase this item:

NUDE Detox Fizzy Powder Wash


NUDE Detox Fizzy Powder Gentle Version:


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All opinions are my own
All opinions are my own

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