KYLIE COSMETICS HAUL – The Lip Kit ‘KOKO K’ & ’22’ Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit

If you know me or have read my ‘About Me’ section, you will know that my guilty pleasure is The Kardashians, i just can’t help myself! As soon as I saw that Kylie Jenner was releasing her own make up brand ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ I knew it would be something that I would eventually want to try out…that was before I discovered just how difficult…near impossible it was going to be to get my hands on one of her much hyped lip kits.  I am definitely someone who is sold on a product if there is enough hype around it and with everything The Kardashians touching causing a media frenzy, it was a brand that was always going to be popular and I mean who doesn’t want lips like Kylie’s! If only mine would look like hers without having to have the filler part!  So adding into the equation that the item is nearly always out of stock, it only fueled my desire to have one that was my own!



I had been looking on and off on the site for a few weeks and had no luck at getting hold of any and I didn’t want to have to buy into Kylie’s app which tells you exactly when things are going to be released as I thought that it sounded like a bit of a money making scheme.

I started to see people on my Instagram feed receiving theirs and so I investigated how to best go about trying to get hold of one, here are some free top tips I learnt to get one (I’m kind aren’t I!):

  1. Check Kylie’s twitter  / snapchat as she usually posts when she is going to release some and when!
  2. Get on the coffee! You will need to stay up late if you are in the UK  – Kylie releases in line with popular USA online shopping times, it usually means that it is in the evening in the UK, sometimes around 10 – 12pm GMT
  3. Be Quick – set up an account before you shop with Kylies Cosmetics already so as soon as something is available you can check out straight away without having to put in all your details.
  4. Do some research into swatches so you have an idea of what colour you are looking for, this is something that I didn’t do and wish I had, I knew of some colours but wasnt sure on names so think I would have maybe preferred a couple of other colours if I had done my research properly!

Then one night I was sitting having dinner and just thought I would have a look and there live on the site were nearly all the lip kits available in stock, I squealed and then ran off leaving my dinner and confused boyfriend as I hit my bank details into my phone as quick as I could and then hid my eyes over the final total amount and pressed confirm.

So before I get onto reviewing the product, let’s first talk The Price as it is one of the things I see time and time again mentioned online as a massive downside to this product. The lip kits retail at around $29 (around £23) and the international shipping was around $14.95 (around £11.50). My lip kit took around 3 weeks to arrive and I spent every day listening out for the postman only to my sadness when the lip kit never arrived. All that I received through my letter box was a customs charge note for £17 (I had bought 2 lips kits) so in total for 2 kits I had spent around £75 (Sorry Mum!) which is a hell of a lot of money considering I didn’t have the promise of luxury that you might get if you were ordering a Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury lip product on-line. I thought that considering the pack comes with a lip liner and a matte lipstick that the kit itself isn’t over priced but everyone I know who has purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics has received a big customs charge at the end, that only seems to increase with the number of products that you buy! Also to note – the post office only take cash for these, as I found out counting my pennies with an ever growing queue behind me!


Ok so lets get onto the packaging, the box came with a note from Kylie and the two kits. The packaging is very impressive, with a bold and solid brand that is instantly recognisable and is definitely something that would catch your eye if someone was to get it out of their bag. The actual lipstick and lip liner packaging on the other hand I didn’t think looked or felt overly luxe, in fact quite low end in comparison to the higher end brands out there. The text on the lipstick looks like it will rub off after being in my bag a couple of times and then lip liner…well the packaging just seems faulty to me. The lid doesn’t click in tightly or sit firmly, so it constantly just falls off…warning to anyone putting it directly into a handbag as it just pops off just by looking at it.


Kylie Cosmetics Swatches

Onto the product, I purchased 22 (orangey / red tones) and KOKO K (pinky / nude tones) I knew I wanted 22 as it reminded me of Spice by Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m really loving the orange red shades at the moment. As you will see in the photos, I think 22 suits me more than KOKO K, I love nude shades but this seems to be an in-between colours like it can’t decide if it is a pink / purple or brown and just leaves the lips looking a bit dull. I have also seen that the swatches on Instagram and depending on the persons skin tone, it is difficult to tell exactly what the colours are like until you try them on yourself. My sister has more olive skin tones and KOKO K looks very different on her.  The lipsticks also have a very sweet, vanilla sweet smell to them which fades away after wearing.






KYLIE LIP KIT – Colour 22


The lipsticks dry quite quickly and do not feel uncomfortable at first on the lips; I’m not sure the lip liner adds much to the overall look and I usually skip using it. KOKO K I would say definitely lasts longer that the brighter red tone of 22. I can get through nearly a whole day at work, drinking coffee and lunch without getting the unattractive ring of missing lipstick. However the same cannot be said about 22, I love the colour when I put it on and will continue to use it for nights out, but not for a full day, the first few hours are fine with no transfer on cups or anything, but then I seem to notice that it seems to be loosing colour in the middle of my lips and I am basically left with a ring of product on the edge on my mouth…not nice if you forget to check that day in a mirror! I have also discovered that these products don’t really re-apply that well, it starts to feel uncomfortable and then starts to get very flaky and tight on the lips. By the end of the day of wearing these lipsticks I am very glad to take them off…which is not the easiest thing to do by the way!

Kylie Lip Kit – 22 – After wearing lipstick for 4 hours + eating and drinking

Overall I am glad I purchased the products, I succumbed to the Kardashian hype and think that the more natural shades are longer lasting than some of her brighter hues. I wouldn’t rush to buy again as I think that there are some cheaper and easier matte lipsticks to get hold of on the market,  but I will definitely wear for special occasions where I do not need it on all night. Kylie Cosmetics has also started to branch out to eyeshadows and I’m sure it won’t be long before I want to try.

I would love to know if you have tried them and what your thoughts are!

Go to Kylie Cosmetics here for more details: 

Hope this was helpful if you are also trying to get hold of any of Kylie’s products.

All reviews are my own opinions

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