MichaelJohn Mayfair Salon – Biolustré Hair Reconstructer – Treatment Review

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A few months ago I booked into have a Biolustré Hair treatment and blow-dry at The MichaelJohn Mayfair salon. I am currently writing my hair diary which will be coming soon as it definitely has some good and very bad moments over the past 20 something years!

My hair is long, and V.V thick, it has always been long…apart from the fact that I was bald until I was 2! and has become part of my personality. Unfortunately I have had some terrible hair salon experiences as some stylists just do not know what to do with my hair. After reading some reviews i decided to treat myself to a nice treatment before I had any more colour or product put on my hair. I had just come back from Malaysia & Thailand and the heat alongside my balayage style hair colour had just left my hair feeling extremely dry and tired. I always envisioned gorgeous beauty boho waves on the beach, where in reality in the humid heat it just is unbearable and its usually just bundled in a top knot (or pineapple as my partner calls it!) on top of my head!

Hair before treatment – noticeable hair / heat damage

As my hair is so long, it also makes it pricey, because of this I have never had a 6-8 week regular routine and instead treat myself every few months. It is also why the balayage style works so well for me as the maintenance is minimal as the root growth works with the style instead of just having an inch + of dark roots and scraping it up until I can get to the salon.

The MichaelJohn salon in Mayfair (they have other salons in Kensington and a spa in Belgravia) is beautiful inside and out and I instantly felt very welcomed by everyone I saw and each person really gave me the time to explain what they were going to do and make sure at every stage I was comfortable. At one point I needed an iPhone charger and I had everyone rushing around to find one for me. I always find because my hair is really long that some stylists seem to get annoyed because it takes so long and because there is so much of it. It does always leave me feeling that they are rushing me at the end or just decide to get their work experience colleague to finish the style off because they haven’t booked me in for enough time….and then slap on the extra £30+ for the long hair charge! I totally accept that I will have to pay because it takes longer but please still give me the same time as everyone else. MichaelJohn did not rush me one bit and my stylist Luci stayed with me and worked on me the whole time and was just really pleasant and not overwhelming or too snobby which I thought it could turn out to be.

The treatment claims to “instantly restore texture and health, shine and repair damage in just one treatment”.  Luci my stylist said it was perfect for damaged and coloured hair and that it should help to rebuild any split ends and boost the volume and the overall appearance of my hair.

They started by taking me to the sink and using a stripping based shampoo to take out any product and build up that most hair products can cause. After various different washes, my hair felt horrible, it felt extremely knotty and dry and looked really frizzy, they explained to me that this is what happened when you use a stripping shampoo on your hair and would not last!

Hair after first wash

They then put the Biolustré treatment on my hair, which they do by splitting my hair into different sections. I was then sat under a big heater for around an hour until my hair set hard like glue and crispy, it almost made a noise as you moved because it was so stiff!


Hair setting hard

Once all my hair was set hair they then washed it off and then shampooed and conditioned my hair through thoroughly.

Luci did the most incredible blow dry. When i was younger, all I ever wanted was to walk out of salon with the straightest hair possible, whereas now I just love a big bouncy natural waves look. As soon as Luci started to dry my hair, the colour just looked like it had been re-done, it looked glossy and the most glowing it had been since the first day it was coloured. Also when I touched my hair I was surprised at just how soft it felt; the only time it had felt so good was before had I ever coloured my hair (which was when I was around 12/13)!  I was concerned that this treatment might just be like a glamorous hair mask that you could do at home which feels nice for a day and then goes back to how it was before, but with this treatment, it really felt like it had done something to restore the strength of my hair, especially my split ends.

Hair after treatment

About 3 weeks to a month following the treatment my hair wasn’t as glossy anymore, but it definitely felt overall still in a better condition. Also, just to note, I made the conscious decision to give my hair a break from using curlers and straighteners to try and get the most out of the treatment which may have made this treatment last longer. My hair a month on still feels happier and healthier and just generally easier to manage and less knotty. The stylist said that the treatment will grow out with your hair as long as you look after it and don’t overly colour or style it.

This treatment gave my hair the boost it needed, it cost around £65 but I walked out feeling like I had just had a full head of colour done which could have cost me 4x that price. I think it is something good to do maybe once or twice a year to just give some love to your hair, especially after a lot of sun / sea damage.

I would definitely recommend MichaelJohn, they had fantastic customer service and made me feel really relaxed and I would definitely go back in the future for a colour / cut.

For more information or to book an appointment go directly to their website: 


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