My lovely M bought me this Kate Spade bag for my birthday last year, I am not sure if the exact one is still available but it is called the Cobble Hill Sami in the colour Geranium.



Here is what is in my bag…

So let’s start …Firstly my iPhone, I can’t go anywhere without it for long before starting to panic or feel the need to reach out for it, even if it is just to check my twitter or my needed daily dose of MAIL ONLINE SHOWBIZ (guilty!) I’m out a lot for work and my iPhone has the dreaded habit of dying within the first few hours of the day, usually before I even get to the place I need to be. I now always try to have my portable charger with me as well as a separate cable that stays in my car so hopefully I am never left running around trying to find a shop, usually a service station where a charger costs around a million pounds! I have learnt my lesson on this one the hard way

When I was in Malaysia earlier in the year, they were selling these stick on rings for your phone (or iRing) in nearly every shop I went into. I didn’t really know what it was supposed to be used for but it was about £1 so I thought I would get one just for fun and it would be something that I had on for a day before getting rid of…Oh my how wrong was I!  This is a fantastic little gadget, I have now got nearly all my friends onto them too! The idea is you stick it onto the back of your phone and so when you are lying in bed checking your Instagram feed you hold it through the ring to support it instead of the high chance of your  phone continuously falling onto your face (we have all been there!) It also twists around and acts as a stand to make it easier to watch YouTube videos! You can pick these up in all colours and various designs really cheap on Amazon and Ebay.


Iphone (case from Ebay) , iRing, Rayban Aviators and Etsy pouch


At the weekends, I don’t usually carry a big make up bag with me, I like to have just a few essentials to see me through and in nearly all the handbags I own I have the joy of finding a lipstick I thought I had lost along with about 100 hair bands!


JO MALONE – WHAT’S IN MY BAG (Lime, Basil & Mandarin)

  1. L’Oreal perfect true match concealer (Shade 4 : Beige) – this is a new one I have been trying out and I have to say I am loving the new formula, it feels silky on the skin and doesn’t go dry and cakey like some others do. I have been wearing it with the same foundation and really loving the results. The foundation is so long lasting that I tend to not carry it around but instead have the concelear to just top up any naughty spots / dark circles throughout the day.
  2. Jo Malone perfume (Lime, Basil & Mandarin) – this is the perfect size for my handbag and this smell is simply divine, this is my second bottle in a year already!
  3. Benefit Cosmetics Benetint – this is one of my favourite all round products, it gives a nice red bitten lip look and is perfect for the cheeks as it gives a pop of colour to last throughout the day.
  4. Benefit Cosmetics ‘Ready Set Brow’  this was a sample size that I recently got as a gift free with a magazine – it’s perfect to keep my unruly brows in place all day and I love the miniature size!
  5. Balmi lip balm – smells gorgeous, easy to apply and really hydrates, a definite handbag essential!
  6. Liz Earle Orange Flower hand repair cream – my hands get really dry, especially in winter, and so I always like to have a hand cream with me. I recently picked this one up as part of a QVC bundle order, the smell is incredible and I find all Liz Earle products just really work for me and my skin.
  7. Optrex brightening eye drops – These are just perfect for when I am travelling or having a busy week or just had too many glasses of fizz the night before. They wake my eyes up in the morning and make them feel less dry and sleepy. I also have terrible hay fever in the summer and so these are a god send for when my eyes itch to the point I just want to scratch them out!
  8. Deodorant – I usually like to have one in my bag just to freshen up during the day – The Mitchum Roll On’s I believe are just the absolute best and really do work ALL day, I always try others but end up coming back to this one.
  9. Antibacterial hand gel – I love having clean hands and so this is great, especially after coming home from being on the tube or after eating. I am also prone to spilling and dropping things everywhere and so is great to always have something like this near by!
  10. A big mirror – I have a big face (lol) and like to see the overall look rather than some of these silly tiny compacts where you can only see one eye at a time! This trumps all mirrors and friends and family regularly ask to borrow!
  11. Tissues! They always come in handy and so just an absolute must always.  (Yes, that is Bert from Sesame Street – cheap tissues from ‘Savers’!)

The Beauty Essentials


  • ‘Wake Up and Be Fabulous’ Notebook & Pen – I love this notepad, it is from a brand called Eccolo, I always like to have something so I can jot down ideas for blog posts and travel plans. The pen was a present again from M, it is standard ball point pen at one end and then a stylus at the other so I can use when drawing on my iPad or phone.
  • My purse – this sparkle gem was a bargain from Primark earlier in the year, I have a big Michael Kors purse but wanted something smaller and compact for holiday so bought this as a temporary purse and I am still using it 6 months on! I love my big purse but it takes up so much room in my smaller bags and so I am for the moment enjoying having something lighter to carry and with only the cards that I actually need instead of the 30+ other membership and loyalty cards i’m subscribed to! I do have my eye on a YSL card holder to keep my cards together, so that might be a new addition soon!
  • RayBan Aviators – I have a bit of an addiction to sunglasses, even though I have already lost 3 pairs of these identical ones before, these are the classic gold design and style.
  • Enjoy the little things’ pouch, perfect for keeping together my hair bands, tampons and hair grips.
  • Ibuprofen
  • Keys


I hope you enjoyed having a good nosey around in my bag, I would love to know what you carry around in yours!



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