Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

When it comes to cleansers, there isn’t much that can tempt me away from my all time favourites like the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and OSKIA renaissance cleansing gel These have become absolute essentials in my beauty kit and my go-to products that I have used on and off for years.  I always like to try and introduce new products into my skincare regime and after reading Caroline Hirons blog for years, she finally persuaded me to give the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm a try. If you have never read Caroline’s blog, you just HAVE to, she is incredible! Unlike a lot of beauty bloggers who simply review products based on their appearance / packaging / hype, Caroline teaches you in detail about ingredients, skin types and exactly what you should and most importantly shouldn’t be putting on your skin. She explains why some products work for some people and how to improve on your daily skincare routine, as it is your face after all!… It is safe to say that I have finally banished the face wipes for good! (except from festival and camping as an alternative to a shower of course!)

The older I get, the more I am starting to look to improve my skin care routine and wanting to invest in products that will work better for my skin than just always buying cheapest product on sale or simply the one that is on offer at the time. I have noticed that my skin is definitely needing a bit more love and care the older I get and so I am always looking for new products that are going to protect my skin as well as keeping it looking fresh and dewy.

The Emma Hardie cleansing balm, is a higher end product at around £38 /100ml. I purchased mine from FeelUnique when they had a 10% discount code so shop around as you can usually always find a promo code online. Although the product is on the pricey side of things, it does last a surprisingly long time. I have had my pot for around 3 months and reckon I have another 4-6 weeks left (a little does go a long way with this product). Considering that I can get through a Liz Earle C+P in around 5 weeks, it makes this work out about the same price, if not better.

I love this product but let’s talk the cons first to get them out of the way. My main problem with this product is the packaging, the pot is really heavy with the product in a plastic case inside a glass casing. This makes it for a bathroom hazard and this is a warning to you all! I have dropped it on my foot nearly resulting in a trip to A&E and nearly cracked the inside of the sink when it slipped off the shelf in the bathroom! The packaging does feel luxurious but an oil based product, glass and bathrooms just isn’t a good combination!

Right, now onto the pros or LOVES for this product. The cleansing balm is Award Winning and has had bloggers and journalists raving about it for years. The balm contains grape seed oil, moringa seed oil, almond oil, wild fennel and vitamin E which are supposed to reduce the appearance of pores, as well as essential oils of orange, neroli and mandarin which are designed to revitalize the skin, and jasmine and rose to help recondition dry, dull and dehydrated skin.

The balm smells amazing, very spa-like and the product has a very rich and thick texture to it. I was terrified that it was going to cause me to break out more as I can have quite oily skin and so it seemed wrong to be putting more oil into my skin, but from researching online and speaking to specialists they actually recommended that this could help my skin. The balm is hard in the tub but melts with the warmth of your hands, you only need a piece around the size of 50p coin and apply straight onto your skin and watch as it turns into a milky oil as you apply it. You will instantly see that your make up starts to move and melt away, especially eye make up, leaving you looking like you have Halloween make up on, but you can just feel like that oil is taking all the make up away. The balm is designed to break down all traces of make up on your face and is safe and kind on your eyes, which is great as some other products I have tried always leave my eyes stinging or my sight blurry!

The cleansing balm comes with an Emma Hardie amazing face dual action professional cleansing cloth (yes, its name is quite a mouthful!).  The cloth is a gentle abrasive muslin on one side, and then a micro fibre exfoliation (like a flannel) on the other side which is designed for ‘polishing and perfecting’. To remove, I just soak the cleansing cloth in warm water, squeeze the excess water out and fold it intoa pad then gently wipe away the make up over your whole face and neck. It is incredible how quick and CLEAN it leaves your skin! Usually with cleansers, there is a bit of mascara or foundation still lingering around at the end, but with this one it really does leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated. After 3 months of using this product I can definitely see that my skin feels much better and has really helped to balance my skin out and keep my spots at bay. I am still a fan of my other cleansers but this one is now up there as a fav! This is perfect for people who want to take their make up off quickly at night and don’t have time for a 10 step routine. This will take your make up off in seconds and still leave your skin happy.

To buy and find out more, go to the Emma Hardie website here

Watch this video to see Emma Hardie showing you how to best use the cleansing balm.



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