It is no secret that I am big Liz Earle fan – cleanse and polish is one of my all time fave cleansers as well as the skin repair moisturiser. Recently I purchased the Liz Earle Superskin moisturiser from QVC and so I thought I would share my views with you! The Superskin Moisturiser is designed to help ‘smooth and plump your skin for a healthy, revitalized looking complexion‘. I have been using the moisturiser morning and night and have noticed that my skin does feel very plump and less tired looking overall.
This moisturiser is seen as the step up from skin repair and is designed for mature skin and people who are looking for rejuvination with a slighter richer formula. The moisturiser comes in 2 different types; the original which is completely un-fragranced and designed more for sensitive skin, and then the Neroli which is the one that I bought which has the same whipped cream formula but is infused with pomegranate flower extract plus neroli, lavandin and chamomile as well as the same botanicals in the original (cranberry seed, rosehip and borage oil).
I am not sure my skin desperately needed the full move up from skin-repair and so I have now started to use this only at night as I prefer to use a heavier based product at night and wake up noticeably  being able to see that my skin looks fresher and glowy. The texture of the product is creamy but it doesn’t sit heavy on the skin, I haven’t noticed any breakouts or blocked pores from stepping up to the Superskin Moisturiser.I’m not sure if this is the best moisturiser on the market if you are looking for something to really tackle fine lines, but for me, it visibly left my skin feeling hydrated and is a great base for my make up.
I am not a massive fan of the smell of this product though; it sits somewhere between a floral nice smell but combined with a chemical cream fragrance that is quite overpowering.The Superskin Moisturiser retails for around £40 / 50ml.
You can buy Liz Earle products a lot of places online but I would recommend either directly from their website (sign up to the newsletter for great discounts and offers) or QVC (they regularly do a special offer exclusive to the channel with insane reductions!).
 Liz Earle Moisturiser


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