The 5 Minute Manicure + Top Nail Products

So as I have explained before, I love my nails looking great and experimenting with new colours but I can never wait for them to dry properly and usually decide to paint my nails because I have just remembered I have a meeting that day and I am already running 5 minutes late.

I have found some great products and a simple plan that really works for me and helps to get my nails looking good with the least amount of waiting time as possible!

Nails Before

Nails Before

5 Minute Manicure

What you will need

The Nail Polish Remover – Elegant Touch ‘Get Em Off’ Nail Polish Remover -£3

For years I would just pick up the cheapest nail polish on the shelf, or the cheap nail polish remover pads. I would inevitably take them on holiday or sit at home and spend about 20 minutes and a whole packet of cotton wool pads trying to scrape off my nail polish off leaving my nails and fingers stained (and aching!). I then decided to mix things up and try a slightly more expensive product and I have been sold ever since. This nail polish remover takes everything off in about 30 seconds on the same pad (except glitter polish which is the devil!)

The Nail strengthener / base cost – Rejuvacote by Duri Cosmetics  – £10

As mentioned in an older post, the Rejuvaocote nail strengthener treatment has been a life saver for me and so is the start for every manicure and works great as a base coat too. To read more about this product read my review here:

The Nail Polish – Ciate London – Olivia Palmero – Off Duty Nude – £11 

Any nail polish is fine, I go through phases of loving bright colours like red and pink but at the moment I am liking the clean nude colours that just go with everything.

Ciate Nail Polish

The Quick Dry Spray – Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails – £3 

I have tried various brands of this over the years but come back to this product every time. Claims to dry nail polish in 60 seconds and I count in bed before I go to sleep and it WORKS! I go to sleep and wake up smudge free. It also contains vitamin E which helps the cuticle and growth of the nail.

Elegant Touch

The hand / nail moisturiser – Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream – £10.99 / 57g

Probably my all time favourite hand moisturiser, it smells like marzipan so if you love that smell then this is one for you! I have one of these by my bed, in my car and at the office! It’s my go-to product because I love how it moisturises my hands but even more because I love the smell; it isn’t like some of the other artificial food smells, it really smells incredible. This is the perfect product to finish off any manicure and keep your nails and hands soft all day long.


Cotton pads to remove nail polish remove

Cotton buds – dip in the nail polish remover to wipe around nails to tidy up any mistakes

Et voilà – 5 minutes!

Nails After

Nails After

Nails After


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