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I have been naughty, v naughty! I know that Christmas is coming and I have tried to start early this year and have already got a few present sorted (some people in my family also have the cheek of having birthday in November & December as well…4 of them!! Love you really!) BUT I do have a few parties and trips coming up and wanted some new bits and so this morning have had a bit of a splurge! (any excuse…right?)

M&S is not the first place I usually go to for clothes, I started looking online trying to order M some suits for work and then found myself searching WOMEN -> CLOTHING -> SHOES (dangerous, simply dangerous)

That plus having a 20% off code meant it was all destined to end up in my basket so I thought I would share with you lovely lot!

Black Ankle Leather Point Boots- £59 (Acne Jensen Dupes)


Pure Cotton Embroided Shirt – £29.50 (check out the flare sleeves!)

Embroidered M&S shirt

Metallic Pleated Skirt – £35

Metallic Pleated Skirt

Cotton Rich A-Line Skirt -£19.50

Cotton Rich A-Line Skirt

Black 5 Pocket High-Waisted Jeans -£22.50

Black 5 Pocket Jeans

What didn’t make it into my basket because they had sold out 🙁 but would love to try and get my hands on!

Satin Ruffle Long Sleeve Shift Dress – £39.50

M&S Satin Ruffle Dress

Floral Print Long Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress – £39.50

Fit & Flare Floral Dress

Angular Pom Pom Mule – £35

Pom Pom Mule M&S

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