PIXI Glow TonicI have finally got round to reviewing the much hyped cult product that is the PIXI Glow tonic Exfoliating Toner. The genius that is Caroline Hirons got me into this product and so I thought I would do a quick post as to whether it really is as good as everyone says it is! (It is!)

Pixi Glow tonic is one of the most blogged about product s online as well as receiving rave reviews in the national media and so it was something I just had to try.

This product sells out time and time again with stores not being able to keep up with the increasing demand, some of my blogging friends even bulk in buy just in case they cannot get hold of it when they need it again. (people are creating nuclear bunkers to store this product in!)

So what is so good about this product? does it work? and ACID???

It is described as an exfoliating and oxygenating facial glow tonic, that is going to help to tone, firm and tighten the skin as well as renewing the surface layer by removing any dead skin cells which can build up over time causing black heads and uneven skin tone which is something that I unfortunately suffer with.

PIXI Glow Tonic is alcohol-free, and contains ginseng, horse chestnut, aloe vera and witch hazel. The acid helps to shake up and move away the dead skin cells from the surface of the face and that is where the exfoliation part comes into it. I know that it might make it sound like a full layer of your skin is going to peel off when you use the word ACID (thinking of those peel off face-masks you can get!), but this isn’t the care, this product goes beyond just taking your make up off and is more about actually cleaning off what you can’t see from the surface of your face which is one of the factors that can cause your skin to look dull.
It is actually soothing on the skin and even though it has 5% Glycolic Acid it isn’t harsh at all in comparison to some of the other acid toners out there. (please note, I have normal / oil skin and so would look in more detail if you have very sensitive skin before using this product .)
I personally find that it doesn’t make my skin sting or burn in any way, I find that it is really hydrating on my skin and leaves it perfectly prepped either for serum / moistursier before bed or before applying my make up in the morning.

I use this product after double cleansing to remove any last traces of make up or product left on the skin. I put a couple of drops onto a pad and then sweep across my face and neck. The toner isn’t like a usual ‘toner’ in any way as this is designed to do more, it removes any dirt and build up to increase the natural ‘glow’ of your skin and improve the overall complexion of the skin as well as helping with any sun damage, scaring and fine lines. Pixi Glow Tonic! It really does help to give your skin its Mojo Back!

I really have found that since using this product it really has helped to give my skin a ‘glow’! It is gentle on the skin but at the same times still doing something, I believe it has made my face look smoother, brighter and clearer. This is my go to product for when I have been lazy with my skin care (god-forbid slept in my make up…monkey face emoji) and need to really re-charge and boost my skin.

I get mine from QVC as they usually have amazing deals on bundles saving %%’s

At the moment they have 2 full size bottles (250ml) for £30 which is a great saving considering one costs around £19-£20 on it’s own… but be quick, whenever they are on TV they sell like hot cakes!

Check out here – QVC PIXI Glow Tonic Bundle Pack

PIXI also have some lovely 100ml travel / gift sizes for around £10 which make brilliant presents, especially if you know someone who would like to dip their toe into acid toners and for someone who is really into their skincare, even if they already have the full size, who doesn’t love a mini travel size!

Buy online here

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