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I wanted to share some of the recent things I picked up from my local Cambridge Holland & Barrett branch as well as some products I have been testing out.

Magnesium FlakesAfter walking miles and miles around Paris last week, in brand new leather boots (not my smartest move!) my feel actually felt like they were going to fall off and I just wanted to cry in the middle of the street. The aching pain didn’t go away, even after taking my shoes off my feet wouldn’t relax all night long. I recently reviewed the BetterYou Magnesium joint spray which helps to ease aches and pains. When I got back from Paris, I went into town and picked up the Foot and Body Magnesium Flakes (RRP £9.99) soak from BetterYou. I ran a shallow bath and put a few large handfuls of the flakes into the water. I then sat on the edge of the bath for around 15-20 minutes to soak my feet. It really did work, my feet finally started to feel human again, I could feel my toes tingly in the water but the stiffness slowly relaxing off. This product is great to help restore all the minerals that we lose through stress.

On the back of the packaging it says that – ‘When dissolved in a body or foot bath the solution feeds every cell and efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, providing you with the most relaxing 20 minutes you will ever spend!’

Next up was a repurchase for me, it is the Holland & Barrett Magnesium Citrate Tablets (£6.49 100 capsules) I have noticed a huge different taking these tablets, they make me feel so much more awake and energetic throughout the day as well as looking after my bones and teeth.

Oral Vitamin SprayI have been trying the BetterYou DLux3000 Vitamin D spray and the B12 BetterYou Pure Energy Boost Oral Spray. (both available from Holland & Barrett)

Apparently oral sprays have been clinically proven to have much better absorption than traditional tablets, by spraying directly into the mouth and into the bloodstream. I find these super easy to use, I can keep them in my bag and as I don’t need water to take them with, I rarely ever forget to take them.

First up the BetterYou DLux3000 Vitamin D Spray (RRP £7.99). Vitamin D is so important for our bodies, it helps our teeth, bones and immune system, supplements are really beneficial, especially in the UK when we have long winters and it feels dark all the time. I leave the house in the dark, stay in an office all day and then leave at night in the dark so I really wanted to give this a try as well as making sure my body was still getting the recommended daily dose.

Looking around online, I also discovered that the government recently commissioned a report to say that everyone over the age of 1 should have daily intake of Vitamin of 10ug a day* and that most people should be taking supplement. (please always check online as there are always exceptions so might be worth discussing with your GP)

The dose for the Vitamin D supplement is just one spray a day into our cheek or under the tongue, it has a minty flavour just like having a mint. I have been taking them both first thing in the morning and it is much nicer than taking a tablet as you don’t have to take with food, I have found previously if I take too many tablets without eating it can make me feel sick, with these you don’t have to worry about any of that. Also a perfect alternative if you or anyone in your family doesn’t like taking large tablets.

The second oral spray I was sent by BetterYou is the B12 Pure Energy Boost Spray (RRP £11.99)

A few years ago my GP recommended that I start taking B12 to help my periods and my low iron levels which were making me feel dizzy and really tired all the time. The only problem was the tablets I were taking even with lots of food still made me feel incredibly sick and so I couldn’t take them every day. This  product is perfect for me as I can take it at any point in the day and no food or water is needed!

They recommend taking 4 spray daily and that is it suitable for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and coeliacs.  Vitamin B12 helps to ensure healthy red blood cell formation and proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Also this is recommended as a great product for vegetarians and vegan who may lack in B12 as it is naturally found certain foods including meat, fish and dairy products.

I have definitely noticed result from using both these sprays for 2 months, firstly they are not going to suddenly make you bounce off the wall and never feel tired. They still need to be part of a health lifestyle but I have noticed that I have that extra boost of energy for a bit longer in the day, where before I would get home and crash out straight away, I feel like I have more energy for longer in the day as well as generally more productive at work. Also the other main noticeable different from taking theses as well as the magnesium tables is that I wake up feeling so much more refreshed and energised in the morning. I will definitely continue to use these and will update you on how I get on!

*taken from the Holland & Barrett website


Products bought myself unless otherwise stated

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